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Halloween is coming up…YAY!  But because Halloween and candy go together like peanut better and jelly, my sister and I started looking for candy options.  My sister is gluten-free (not by choice) and so we decided to look up some candy that she can eat, as well as me!  The good news is that we found some candy that we both already like and didn’t even know it was gluten free!

Because being gluten-free is now a fad, I thought I would share some candy that Mia and I recently found out were free from that terrible gluten!


Jelly Belly

jelly belly

Jelly Belly’s are gluten-free! I was really excited to read this because my family basically grew up on jelly belly’s! They’re so so good. If you are wondering, my favorite is Cotton Candy!  But they are made and packaged in the same facility as malt-balls so I would make 100% sure that are really gluten-free and no cross-contamination.


Reese’s Cups

reese's cups

Reese’s cups are gluten-free!  I do not actually like Reese’s cups, however Mia does and I am very happy that they are free from gluten!  The Holiday shapes are not gluten-free, but who needs awkwardly shaped candy?


Heath Bar


Heath Bars are another Mia favorite!  Although I don’t like the chocolate, I usually scrape it off and eat the english toffee.  When Mia found out that she can eat Heath is was jumping.  Okay, we were in a car when I told her, so she wasn’t jumping, but she was rather excited.


Mike and Ike

mike and ike

Yes, Mike and Ike’s are gluten-free! I feel like Mike and Ike’s are a staple in every child’s life. No..? Just mine? Ok.  Anyway, I enjoy a casual box of Mike and Ike’s and I’m glad Mia can join me.




If you didn’t come home with a few handfuls of smarties in your Halloween bag, you were trick-or-treating in the wrong area.  I love smarties!  When you’re looking through your kids (if you have any) bags, it’s nice to know that these are in fact gluten-free.


Haribo Golden Bears

gummy bears

Gummy bears are gluten-free! I don’t think I’ve ever received these in my Halloween bag, however I think it’s important to know that these are able to enjoy while living that gluten-free lifestyle.




stay classy






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