How To: Make Halloween Cake Bites

Recently, I made Cake Bites!  Now this was completely accidental in the fact that I forgot to buy the sticks for cake pops.

You make cake bites exactly how you make cake pops, just without the stick!  To find out how to make cake pops with the link HERE where I made them!  This time however, I used a sheet pan to bake the cake and it was most more efficient because the cake cooled much faster and on the plus side, there’s less to clean up after!

cake bites


I made my bites yellow because they’re a fall color.  Also, I really like bright colors.  I decorated with some Halloween themed sprinkles and there you go!  My favorite sprinkles are the ones that look like candy corn (with orange, yellow, and white sprinkles).


cake bites

Aren’t those little bat and ghost sprinkles so cute?! 🙂

This time I only decorated the top of the bites because I wanted to try something different.  And I love how they turned out.  With them being bites, it would have looked a bit strange (in my opinion) if the entire bites was covered in sprinkles.

I also decided to be a bit lazy and use a box mix.  Funfetti to be exact!  I also added a few more sprinkles to the mix to make it more exciting when someone bites into it!


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