Favorite September Instagram Posts

We are officially in the great month of October!  Leaves changing, the weather cools down (hopefully), cute clothes, and dark makeup!  September is now a month of the past so, I’ve decided to share some of my favorite Instagram posts with you all.

Now for my Favorite September Instagram Posts…

September Instagram posts

My first is to celebrate the month of September with a picture from my Lilly Pulitzer 2016 agenda!  You can find my exact agenda HERE!


September Instagram posts

Unfortunately, this last month didn’t start well.  My grandmother passed away.  I was really close with her, and we share the same name and birthday.  My Nana is the closest person that I have lost in my life so, the road has not been an easy one. That being said, I am thankful for all of my friends for sending their love and support to me and my family.


September Instagram posts

Now onto a lighter note.  I got doughnuts! (haha) As many of you already know, I love doughnuts, and with my favorite shirt from Kentucky for Kentucky, a messy bun, cute nail polish, and doughnuts I can make any day better!  Plus, I love selfies.


September Instagram Posts

Recently, I went to Fig & Olive in Newport Beach!  It’s right by Fashion Island, which is great because after you can work off those calories you just ate with some shopping!  You don’t even have to waste gas finding another parking spot!  You can park in just one spot if you don’t mind walking just a tad.

I had this great cheese plate as an appetizer with delicious rosemary bread!  I wish I could remember all of the delicious cheese’s that were brought out but to be honest, I was in a complete cheese daze.  Although, I do remember all the cheese’s being rather tasty!


September Instagram Posts

I finally went to Urth Caffé in Laguna Beach for the first time in months.  And by months, I mean since before Easter, as in March. Which is a long time for me! The clear skies, light blue Pacific Ocean, the little traffic on PCH, with a coffee in my hand; I couldn’t resist but to take a picture. While my sister and I were stopped at a red light and I was in the passenger seat of course.  Because safety first!

September was a hard month but, I’m hoping for the best for October!

Thank you for checking out my favorite Instagram posts from September!


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