How Coloring Calms Me

Coloring and coloring books have become a fad in the last year or so with 18 year olds and older.  The best part about this is, is that I do not have to purchase children’s coloring books any longer. There are now adult versions which have more complex designs and even a dirty words book where you color in different dirty words.

I’ve been coloring and using coloring book for a long time. Basically, I’ve never stopped using coloring books.  Coloring helps calm me down tremendously.  Using my colored pencils to create beautiful art is very therapeutic–adding some soft music in the background for a nice calming vibe.  I personally like colored pencils more because I have more control over where I want the color to go and how bright I want the color to be verses using crayons.




As a lot of you know, I suffer with anxiety.  Knowing how to be able to cope with anxiety when you are having bad days, or when life isn’t going your way is very important.

Being able to focus on the colors–how light or bright I want them it be; even the color palette is important to be able to focus all of my attention on is nice.  Coloring is something that calms my racing thoughts and I’m in my own little world.  I have found great solace in coloring.

Coloring helps me not lose my creative childish side of myself which most adults often do.

I absolutely love being able to take some time out at the end of my day before getting ready for bed to color or read to relax so I can have a good nights sleep.  I would 100% suggest coloring to anyone and everyone.  It’s so fun and makes me feel like a kid again!

Plus, it’s a great stocking stuffer! *hint hint*

I hope you find time to color too!


stay classy

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