This weekend I went to Blooms.  Blooms is a flower stand in Corona del Mar on Pacific Coast Highway.

I’ve passed by this flower stand more times than I could even keep track.  I love looking at all of the different flowers as I pass to and fro, coming and going.  I finally had the chance to go, and the stand did not disappoint.


There were a ton of bees, naturally to pollinate,  so I did scream a couple of times in fear.

I went for my Mom’s birthday, (which is today) to surprise her when she came home with my Dad later that day.  So, I had plenty of time to put together a perfect bouquet of flowers!

Each flower is priced individually, so it can get a bit pricey.

blooms flowers

Earlier last week, my Mom and I were at Trader Joe’s.  We always look at what kind of flowers they have.  I casually asked my mom what her favorite color flowers would be.  She told me anything white, but pink would do as well.

I settled on a random array of white and pink flowers.  The bouquet was filled with hydrangeas, a dahlia, a pink rose, a white rose, and a pink gerber daisy.

blooms flowers


blooms flowers

I rather enjoyed that it wasn’t all one flower or color.  It showed my mom that I really put some thought into her bouquet and picked each flower individually.

When my Mom came home, she was in total surprise! She loved the flowers!

blooms flowers



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