Gingerbread Cookies Made with Bread Flour

I know what you’re probably thinking… “Gingerbread cookies made with bread flour? Are you taking this ‘gingerbread’ thing a little far?”  Well…

gingerbread cookies

On Monday Mia and I went to my great friend Kelsey’s house to bake some Christmas cookies and catch up!  We picked gingerbread to be festive and really get into the holiday spirit!  In this particular cookie recipe, it called for 5 cups of flour.  Well, unfortunately we ran our of flour on cup 2.  Luckily for us, her sister Courtney remembered they had some bread flour!  After discussing our options with each other, Courtney, and Kelsey’s Mom, we made the choice to try and use the bread flour.  We decided to turn the ‘bread’ part a little bit literal and added 2 1/2 cups leaving 1/2 cup of flour out of the recipe entirely.

We carefully watched our cookies to make sure nothing would go wrong (since none of us had ever substituted flour for bread flour).  Once they were done, we all tried them.  To our surprise, they tasted great!  Using the bread flour worked in our favor!  Then it was time to decorate!

gingerbread cookies

Kelsey, Mia, and I put our creative and decorative skills to the test!  We decorated with green, red, and white icing along with four different kinds of sprinkles!

We all had so much fun catching up, and learned that we CAN use bread flour as a substitute for regular flour!


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