Tower of Terror Late Night Check-Out

Thursday December 15th, Mia and I decided to go to Tower of Terror Late Night Check-Out for a last Hurrah before it closes for good at Disneyland’s California Adventures on January 2, 2017.  If you don’t know what Late Night Check-Out is–for the last month before it closes between the hours of 5-closing people get to go on Tower of Terror in complete darkness.  There’s absolutely zero light.

tower of terror

Now, if you live in California and recall the weather on the 15th,  it was pouring rain (and Mia decided to leave her umbrella in the car).  We stood in line for 2 hours (no exaggeration) in the rain outside.  Luckily when we got in the heater was on.

tower of terror

I had to get this picture from Google because it no longer looks like this.

Mia and I got to sit in the front row, YAY!

The ride started out like normal, the cast member giving their little sludge about the ride and our hopes and dreams.  Then the doors closed…We heard the words from the scene that California Adventures does before we drop but we couldn’t even see two feet in front of us.  The scene was over, and that’s when we usually drop.  This time there was a pause.  People were screaming the whole time, the cart then got silent (weird, right?) and that’s when we dropped.

tower of terror

Sorry about the picture…Short people problems.

When we took our picture I was able to see Disneyland from high up at night…Oh what a sight to see!  It was absolutely breathtaking!

Mia and I had an absolute blast, and are so sad to see it go!

If you love Tower of Terror during the day, you’ll love it in the dark!

Always remember…

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