LA Adventure

This week Mia and I are on spring break.  As well get closer to the weekend Mia and I decided to head up to LA for some fun adventures with our Mom!

We started the day off by going to Joan’s on Third (on W. 3rd St. in Los Angeles) to get some coffee.  And being me, I had to take a picture of my coffee outside of the establishment…If you don’t document it, did you really go?

LA adventure

While looking at the menu for our drinks, my Mom noticed a cute little Easter display with a bunch of a little chocolate candies.  Then I saw it–my favorite candy my Nana would buy me and Mia as children; Candy Buttons.  I know a lot of people find this candy gross, especially when you sometimes eat the paper but, this was my childhood.  I decided to get them! We got our drinks and headed on our way! (They had different colored bows on each but I went with the pink one!)

LA adventure


Our next stop was The Grove.  Which is not too far from Joan’s (everywhere in LA is 25min).  With slight traffic it took about 8 minutes.  There we stopped and took our time walking around the Farmer’s Market, went to See’s Candies, shopped, but mostly watched how the warm spring California sun glistened on the water. (photo credit to Mom).

LA adventure


As we were all hungry for a little lunch by this time we got in the car, took off, and headed to the Shake Shack!  We first tasted the deliciousness of the Shake Shack in New York back in April of 2013 (We went for Mia’s and my birthday).  The West Hollywood location has been around for about 2 years now.  I don’t go to LA often, but I will always stop to get a Shack burger and fries!

LA adventure


After we ate, we drove around LA for a little while then headed back to Orange County.  This was a fun little day trip adventure I took with my Mom and sister!  As Mia and I are nearing our 24th birthday we try to spend time with Mom as much as we can.


Happy Adventuring!


stay classy

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