Fall Dresses 2017

Fall Dresses 2017

Fall is coming up!  With the heat in California this summer, Fall is well welcomed! With fall comes (hopefully) colder weather and with that there are some style changes.  I’ve picked out some super cute fall dresses for those days when you want to dress nice, but don’t know what to wear!  These will be sure to give a cute look!


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  1. Wilt Shifted Tee Dress
  2. Ted Baker Aurbray Knit
  3. Women’s French Connection Stripe T-Shirt Dress
  4. Halston Heritage Pleated Ponte Mini Dress
  5. Forever21 Tie-Waist Shirt Dress


Numbers 1, 3, and 5 all look adorable with a jean jacket added to the mix, while 2 and 4 are more for formal occasions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. I love these because although they’re fall(ish) colors, you can wear these dress all year round!



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