Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders

Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders
**Special thanks to my sister, Mia and my Mom for finding this place and taking me! 🙂

On my continued coffee quest, I have recently found the wonderful Bodhi Leaf Coffee Trader.

bodhi leaf coffee traders

Bodhi has a few different locations around Southern California, however, I went to their Orange location.

The coolest thing about Bodhi Leaf Coffee is that they roast their own coffee daily on site!

bodhi leaf coffee traders

Here is an example of some of the roasters!

The inside has tall tables and high chairs to sit, which is nice because now I was really able to see everything in the store.  I, a 5’0 1/2inch girl basically made a small jump to get my feet back on the ground when it was time to leave (no joke).  But the tables and chairs were so pretty.

The barista’s and other stuff were so nice and helpful and let me take my time figuring out what I wanted to try.  After a lot of thought, I ended up getting a 12oz decaf caramel latte.  I know, DECAF! I had been drinking coffee so much that I decided that I would try a decaf.  To be honest, it tasted great! I didn’t even notice there was decaf coffee rather than regular.  The coffee wasn’t too strong (because of it being decaf) and it was the perfect amount of sweet where you wouldn’t feel like you were going to get a stomachache after one sip. This has been definitely one of the better coffee places that I’ve been to since I’ve started this journey.


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