My Week In Pictures

This is my week in pictures!  Every few weeks or so, I’ll share what has gone on in my week through some pictures!  I enjoy taking pictures but I’d definitely rather be in front of the camera than behind it! That being said, I will try to take as few selfies as humanly possible.  However, I feel that a good selfie is something to be shown! haha

My Week in Pictures

  1. This was me on Sunday wearing my Zach Ertz jersey t-shirt in representation of the Philadelphia Eagles game against the New York Jets. Luckily, they won!  The Eagles are my favorite football team, and Zach is my favorite player!
  2. I was shopping with my Mom (yes, I am 22 and I enjoy hanging out with my Mom) and I saw these roses! Pink roses are my absolute favorite colored rose, so I just had to take a picture and share!
  3. This picture is from Urth Caffe at the Cottage in Laguna Beach!  I met a dear friend of mine for lunch and some coffee and had a blast catching up with her! This is the first Urth location in Orange County.  I love going to the Caffe’s in Los Angeles, but I am happy that there is one so close to home. *More on Urth coming soon!*
  4. If you took a good selfie, it’s impolite not to show it off!  Here’s a picture of me celebrating international coffee day with some Starbucks!

Hope you enjoyed my week in pictures as much as I did!

As always..

stay classy


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