Last Minute Gifts For Dad

With being on summer vacation or still in school, a lot of people forget about the day we as kids celebrate our fathers.  Father’s Day isn’t always advertised as much as Mother’s Day, so the day rarely crosses our minds. But with Father’s Day this Sunday, and if you’re anything like me, this celebratory day has slipped your mind as well.  So, I have put together a few things that I would get for my Dad.  Here are my Last minute gifts for Dad.

father's day presents

From Left to Right

First Row:

My Dad loves beer, so I thought I would bring some beer tasting to our house with this Custom Beer Flight Sampler

With my Dad’s alma mater being Vanderbilt University, and like any man, loves the grill, I thought I’d buy him a 3-piece BBQ set with the Vandy “V” and Star!

Second Row:

A second present from Dad’s alma mater, a new athletic duffle bag representing Anchor Down with the schools color, black and gold, and of course the Vandy “V”.

Last but not least, a jersey from my Dad’s favorite team!  Since I could remember, my Dad has been a fan of the Cincinnati Bengals!  I would love to buy him a jersey especially for game day and the upcoming football season.

I hope these presents spark some ideas for you this Father’s Day!

Until then..

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