My Week On Instagram

Happy Friday!!

I’m going to show some of my Instagram posts from this week!

chick fil a

I started off my Monday eating breakfast with my family at Chick fil a!  We each ordered (as it says in the picture) a grilled chicken, egg white, and cheese on a wheat english muffin!  It tasted so good, and filling, but not to the point where I can’t move full.  Definitely a breakfast of champions.



On Tuesday, I had a Mommy and Me day!  We started out going to coffee, while walking around Fashion Island.  Fashion Island is my favorite outdoor mall in Orange County!  I basically shop in the same stores every single time but, I mostly like to window shop.   And of course, we finished out our day with a stop at my favorite restaurant there, Lemonade!  It’s fairly priced, easy to get to, and the outdoor seating is great.  The only thing is, is because the food is seasonal, none of the food I usually get was there, so I ended up getting an Herb Grilled Chicken Sandwich.  It was so good–I’m actually happy that my usual wasn’t there!  I then topped my order off with an original lemonade. So so delicious and refreshing!


nail polish

Wednesday…The start of Spring semester.  I did something I normally don’t do, which is paint my nails in the car.  I took my nail polish off late at night on Tuesday.  Not wanting to wake up with smudges on my nails from partially-dried polish, I decided to wait until I had a break between my classes to go back to my car, roll down the windows, and paint my nails.



Thursday was supposed to be the worst of the storm in Southern California.  Luckily, by 10am it was sunny with just a few clouds so Mia and I decided to have a spontaneous sister day at Disneyland!  Because it was supposed to rain, there was barely anyone there! It was so nice not having to wave through a bunch of people, watching out for strollers, and getting to go on a bunch of rides.

This was my week on Instagram, what was yours like?

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