Dear Journal

Recently, I decided to take a look back at journal posts from 2016.




My Mom gave me the idea to start a diary, or journal a few years ago to help me cope with my anxiety.

To help give me a cue when I’m having them and what’s going on in my life while they’re going on.  I decided to make it more personal not just about anxiety, but a way of getting my feelings down on paper.

I enjoy reading old entires or posts to see how far I have come since and to gain a new prospective of how I’ve handled situations, heaven forbid those same situations come up again.

Although the entires were few and far between from this last year what I did find were hilarious to read.  Of course, being on a completely different end of what was going on, gave me the ability to laugh because I made it to the other side. I saw the light at the end of the tunnel of “sorrow” if you will. Dealing with my overthinking and my dramatics could make a good comedy.

Overthinking…I’ve been told I do it too much, but when a person has anxiety, that’s all we do.  We create every possible scenario good or bad that we can think of.  Believe me, if I could stop overthinking I definitely would.  It’s not fun and makes for a lot of sleepless nights.  I have tried to ease off of the overthinking, but it’s been tricky.  Reading old entries has helped me tremendously, by giving me flags when I’ve started to overthink.

If you journal, I would highly suggest reading them.

Until then…


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